Do All Internet Marketers Use Outsourcing?

No. Only the successful ones :)

You want to be a successful internet marketer, right?

A rich one. One that has time too, right?

Well, listen up.

One of the richest men who ever lived, John D. Rockefeller, stated that "I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts."

How else can someone build such a large fortune and enterprise?

Many internet marketers are reluctant to outsource, because they don’t like spending the extra money. BUT it's not really spending, it's investing. Pure and simple.

Imagine multiplying your income by a small investment.

Maybe for every $100 you invest in outsourcing, you'll return $200.

Another way to try to think about outsourcing in terms of the money you deserve to be paid. What do you think your time is worth?

You’re better off delegating your tasks to people who are willing to work for that. If your time is worth more than what it would cost you to hire someone else to do it, then it just makes sense to outsource the task.

Trying to do everything yourself can also hinder your chance to being extremely successful.

The more you try to do by yourself, the less you’ll actually get done. Think about this. If you spent every single waking moment writing eBooks, you might be able to pull off one a month versus having a team of 10 people doing it for you possibly finishing 10 products a month.

Your job is to sell.

The top marketers you know today have teams to help them go from the conception of an idea to a product launch. But before they could afford a staff, they started out with a couple of freelancers, and virtual assistants to handle the more insignificant tasks.

It's not only the one time tasks you need help on but the daily tasks.

Answering emails.

Answering phone calls.

Following up with current customers.

Handling inquiries and the like.

These are tasks that needs to be done by someone else.

Focus on the growth of your business.

Whether that's hiring better people, better marketing, systemizing the process, and everything else that is needed to fine tune your business to more profits.

Just about any millionaire or billionaire in the world have employees or outsourcers.

Remember what John Rockfeller said.