Did You Know McDonalds Are In The Business of Real Estate NOT Burgers and Fries

Yes, you read that right.

McDonalds are in real estate. Their business is not just about burgers and fries.

Let's face it, you and I can make better tasting burgers and fries than Mickee Dees. But can anyone just make a business like McDonalds?


What's their secret to world domination?

They are real estate investors too!

Just picture yourself driving down the street, what do you see in every other shopping outlet, and busy street corners?

That's right, Mcdonalds. They own properties everywhere. That is their secret. They know that owning the best property at the best location would lead to more sales and a more profitable business. It also helps that McDonalds uses colors that stick out, red and yellow.

As real estate investors, what can you learn from McDonalds? You can take away 2 simple but profound things.

1. Get the best location for your property.

The more exposure, the better the results. If you have an investment property such as an apartment building, makes sure it is placed in an area where its close to stores, jobs, and other conveniences. The location where its most convenient will get the most attention.

2. Get more property.

This is how McDonalds dominated the world. They didn't focus on building a business on being the best hamburger maker. They focused on acquiring as much properties in the correct locations. Are you re-investing your money in buying more properties? It's the easiest formula: more properties= more tenants/customers= more money= more happy= more successful

Here are some mind blowing stats about McDonalds and their wealth in the real estate game:

• Located in 119 Countries in 6 Different Continents

How many different, states, cities, or countries are your real estate investment properties in?

• Own about 31,000 thousand properties world wide

How many properties do you have total?

• Serves about 47,000,000, or simple 47 Million people served everyday

How many tenants are you serving and providing housing for?