Can Using Natural Gas Really Save Money at Home?

First off, let’s dive into natural gas itself.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas is a non-renewable fuel that’s odorless, colorless and tasteless. Natural gas is widely used in other applications and is one of the most versatile fossil fuels utilized in the United States with approximately 25% of energy consumption coming from natural gas.

Where is natural gas used in?

Uses for natural gas include high efficiency furnaces, space and water heating, ranges, gas grills and fireplaces, spa and pool heaters. It is a huge source of generating electricity. Many home builders and home owners prefer to use natural gas, particularly for heating. It saves money and increases efficiency.

Is it necessarily better?

Yes, studies show many benefits of natural gas making homes more invaluable and desired. Natural gas furnaces last longer than an electric heat pump almost twice as much and also provide a more comfortable heat.

Give me more specific uses around the house.

Water heating and drying out clothes are done quicker and more effectively. Gas is safer to cook with since you can actually see the flame simmering down. This lowers the chance of getting burned.

Give me more details on saving money with natural gas.

If you are upgrading your appliances make certain to purchase the Energy Star models. You'll get the most energy efficient appliance available. As an added bonus, rebates are given when you switch from electric to gas on some appliances. To get a better look at energy costs for appliances, Google search: "Natural Gas vs. Electric appliances," and you'll see that natural gas comes out on top when it comes to saving money.