Budget and Save Money like Mommy

Budgeting and saving money belongs in the turf of most mothers. Mothers seem to have that creative instinct on things. They are the one to go to when it comes to stretching the budget.

But how do moms actually stretch that budget?

She doesn't use complex mathematical formulas like those guys in Wall Street but simple, common sense.

Here are some things to think about if you want to budget and save money like mom:

1. She understandably knows where each dollar goes. Just the awareness of where the money goes already makes for creative solutions on how to save money by cutting costs in areas.

2. She studies all alternatives given to her. The mother instinct of never giving up makes for success when it comes to better money saving answers.

3. To understand more, she talks to and seeks out help from others. Mothers like to talk, talk a lot. What better way to learn how to save money than by asking others on how they do it.

4. For working moms, it is twice the effort. They do house work and care for the children while working. She has her hands on everything and this helps integrate practical ways to accomplish better budgeting and saving.

5. Mothers always shop with a list in her hand. This helps moms keep track of what to buy. She makes a point to not over spend.