Attention Gardeners: Quick Money Saving Tips

Natural Fertilizers: There is no need to purchase fertilizer if you can create your own. Mix a small amount of potting soil with ground egg shells and used ground coffee. Some Starbucks stores offer free used coffee grounds, just ask.

Grow Your Own: Vegetables, fruits, and herbs can be costly especially if you eat a lot of them.

To save money on eating fresh fruits and veggies, it is best to grow them yourself. It's not that much different from general gardening, but it involves a bit more patience and attention.

Tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, and raspberries should be grown during the summer months. During the colder months, try hardier herbs and vegetables such as rosemary or red peppers. And if there is enough room in the backyard, large fruits like watermelons and veggies such as pumpkins and squash can be grown.

Curb Appeal: Gardening can increase the value of your home with what's known as "curb appeal." Commit some time to plant some flowers, bushes, and other plants in a beautiful arrangement around the house. In the long run the value of your real estate property will increase due to the garden and beautiful scenery you created. You not only save money but you might even make some.