Attention Foodies: Dehydrating Food CAN Save Money

Sometimes I feel guilty.

I eat and when I can't finish the food I throw it away. And with it my money.

Do you do this too?

You're not throwing food away and with it your money, are you?

That's when I stumbled upon this website that focused on the solution.

Dehydrating food.

I heard of it but never gave it much thought.

I'm sure you have too. So go ahead and check out

It gives a lot of tips on those interested in this strategy. From dehydrating meats, veggies, fruits, and yes, even pet food.

Yes, I know, I love my dogs too much.

You'll know to:

"purchase a vacuum sealer machine...and protect your dehydrated packages by placing them into Mylar bags"

Have fun saving money by dehydrating food.