Attention Entrepreneurs: Make Your Employees WANT to work for YOU

If you are an entrepreneur that has employees, you'll realize that absence is costing you money. Not only that, but it’s painfully inconvenient for yourself and the business.

And guess what? We all know, not all days taken off work are due to genuine illness. Many employees "take a sick day" because even though they are more than capable to work.

The challenge is this: How can we make employees want to come to work?

And if you can accomplish this on a consistent basis, everyone will be happy at work and less likely to take days off.

If you as the boss believe that paying more money, or improving working conditions is the answer, it's not. Actually, there are 2 simple things you can do right now to make your employees want to work for you.

They'll be begging to work like a dog wanting a bone.


This sounds like a given, right? It's not.

Most entrepreneurs pick out the most attractive, or one willing to take less pay, or even worse the one with "the most experience." You have to pick the right person for that particular job. Each job requires a different skill set. It is up to you figure what characteristics a person must possess to fulfill the job. The employee has to want to do what you're asking them to do. For example, if you're hiring a cashier for your business, the question to ask yourself is what would that person be like to be good at that? A cashier's skills are much different than an inventory stocker. A cashier must be good with people, good with numbers, and has sales skills. Plus, it’s a bonus if they're attractive, helps gets people in the store. An inventory stocker on the other hand has to be able lift boxes and attentive to detail, etc. Most important the people you hire must be NATURALS at their jobs.


If you have to constantly tell them what to do, they're gonna be headaches. What you want from an employee is a person who can learn for themselves. The best employees are the ones who "do their own thing." It's a very hands off approach to business but the results will be fantastic. Having an employee at a job to correct their own mistakes is a blessing. No need for extra attention because they are doing what they like and they don't feel like someone's hovering over the shoulders. Trust me no one likes a micro manager. Of course if the employees are doing something absolutely wrong, you can correct them. Everything else, leave them be. They're adults, they'll figure it out.