Are You Moving, and Wanna Save Money on Moving Costs?

Moving can be really stressful, not only on does it sap your energy but your money. If you are moving to another state, moving costs can be extremely high. Follow these simple tips along with your plan to save money on the cost of moving:

1. Forget about moving companies. Moving companies charges way too much and it's best to avoid them.

2. Check your local classifieds such as craigslist for free moving items, such as bubble wrap, boxes, and duct tape. They even have free furniture; all you have to do is pick it up!

3. Buy your own supplies online. If you can't find them for free on craigslist, perform an online search for moving supplies, like bubble wrap and furniture protective padding on the internet. Order everything early so it will be delivered right on time.

4. Get your own moving truck. U-haul lets you rent out their moving truck for a fee and it might be worth it than stuffing everything in a car (assuming you don't have a big truck). Of course it would be great if you have a friend or relative that will be willing to lend their truck.

5. Put an ad for help. If you really need help moving big bulky items, put out a free ad on craigslist, hire some big teenager in need of money. This way, it’s cheaper than hiring a professional, saving you money.