An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing- An "Easy" Way to Success

Yes, I put "easy" in quotes.

Is it easy, though?

Well, let me ask you a question first.

What is something that you do really really well?

Maybe cooking? Drawing? Dancing?

What's your attitude when I ask you how do you do that so easily?

You would probably answer:

"I just do it. I just cook. I just draw. I just ( fill in the blank of what you do good)"

Let me ask you another question.

What is something you find hard to do?

Maybe it's even cooking. Drawing, or dancing.

How do you answer when I ask you why it's hard?

You'll probably answer, "well when I try to cook, I have to get the right ingredients, I have to mix things, use the right pans, blah blah blah."

You notice your attitude?

When it's easy, you just do it. One step.

When it's hard, you break it down into a bazillion UNNECESSARY steps.

Success in affiliate marketing is the same way when you have the "easy" attitude.

To sum up: affiliate marketing is when you get money in the form of commissions to promote other people’s products (or services).

No need to make your own products.

No need for customer service.

No employees.

So what is your main task then?

Your task as an affiliate marketer will be to drive targeted traffic to the product's sales page, eventually converting the prospect you found into a buyer.

So what do you sell?

Well, you don't have to re-invent the wheel. You should promote something that is ALREADY SELLING.

There are many things you can promote as an affiliate. On Amazon, for instance, you can promote anything tangible (and a few digital download to boot). If you want to be in the children toy niche, you can include links using your Amazon associate (affiliate) ID to sell specific toys, games, and child electronics.

You can go to sites like ClickBank or PayDotCom and get a unique affiliate ID to promote an endless supply of information products. They house everything from relationship advice to dog training.

And guess what?

Your job is often easier than product owners because they make it easy for you. They provide a toolbox to help you! The toolbox typically includes readymade emails, web reviews, and banner ads you can use with your own link embedded in them for instant plug-n-play success.

How much can an affiliate marketer earn? There are no limits. You can market multiple niches and work as much or as little as you want to generate targeted traffic through your links.

Sounds "easy," right?