8 Must Know Buying Motives to Increase Sales

Imagine pinpointing your customer's very needs and using this to help them and at the same time get more sales.

What if you could have an unfair advantage in sales because you can read people's motives?

Well, you can.

Wanna know the truth?

The truth is customers purchase for a reason. Regardless how complex the reasons people will give, it all boils down to these basic 10 motives. I know there might be more but these 10 are the most common and most relevant.

Take advantage of one or a combination of these motives and you will successfully sell to your customers.

1. Self-preservation

Self-preservation represents that of people’s basic needs. These are the necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and all products that relates. There will always be a need for this or else you would be seeing naked, starving, homeless people everywhere. If you are in the business of food, clothing, or shelter, are you providing them affordability? How do you plan to meet these needs with your product or service?

2. Value

With a tough economy, getting value for one's money is everybody's concern. I'm sure just like you, no one likes buying something that is not worth their money. Remember though: value is only perceived. If you can position your product or service as something of higher value than pieces of paper with dead presidents on them (I'm talking about money), then you'll have no trouble selling it.

3. Sex

Turn you on?

Let's face it, sex sells.

Do I need to explain any further?

Putting an attractive spokesman (most likely a female), you'll have more sales.

4. Dreams

I'm not telling you to lie and tell people that your product or service will make their dreams come true because the truth is, as you may already know, it is only up to the person to make their dreams come true.

But, guess what? You can let them know your product or service can help them get there--- if they use it.

All people have dreams, aspirations, or even fantasies. And they all want to realize it, or to even attain something that even slightly resembles it. Whatever dreams your customer may have, specifically, what does your product or service offer to fulfill them?

5. Emulation

Monkey see, monkey do, right?

Naturally, customers want to be somebody they admire. Be it movie stars, celebrities, or anybody who has gained notoriety. They would like to be affiliated in any way. This works well with sports teams gear and famous athletes products, actresses who sell clothing (so people could look like them), and just about any one who is famous will have a following and can easily sell anything they put out. So, is a well-known or reputable person endorsing your product? Or more effective, how do you associate your product to somebody prominent?

6. Ego

Some would like to show the world that they are worth something good. Some would like to feel more important than everybody else, hence a big ego. Is your product or service stroking their big ego? Do they feel special because they're in a "elite" club. Think fast expensive cars, jewelry, clothing, and just about anything extravagant and excessive.

7. Trends

Out with the old, in with the new.

In selling, you have to communicate you are hip. Is your product or service in line with today's style and trend? I mean come on, the new thing is always changing but sometime you have to go with the crows to fit in. And when you fit in, customers feel like they belong and will inevitably take out their wallets and hand you their money. Well, maybe not that quick.

8. Love

Love, love, love.

We don't get enough of it, and we want more.

Does your product or service help people get more "love?"

Flowers, candy, movies, clothing, jewelry, cars, cards, gift cards, toys, dating sites, diamonds, and so on. What do they have in common? They all use "love" to sell their products. And it works.

You learned a lot, huh?

Have fun with more sales.