7 Ways to Motivate Employees Off Their Butts

Today’s quick pace business environment requires that the effective entrepreneurial manager be a highly "in tune" leader. Someone who is "in tune" means they understand people’s needs and behavior in the workplace. Well, how do you exactly motivate your employees with this? By simply applying these 7 things:

1. Understand their behavior

People at work naturally tend to become self-protective instead of open and cooperative. By putting yourself in their "shoes," you'll be able to get a clearer perspective on how each employee's personality works. And of course you could increase rapport with the employee, and increase motivation. So in a simple formula:

understand---> connect---> change approach to get them to---> get off their butts.

Cool, eh?

2. Be sure that people's lower level needs are met.

People have various kinds of needs. An example of a lower-level need is working conditions. You'll be able to influence and motivate an employee when you can put them in an environment they feel at home in. Simple things like a comfortable chair to sit in, a snack room filled with actual free snacks, and even windows for a better ventilated area.

3. Boost their pride

People want to feel that their contribution in the workplace is valued and unique. Now, how do you do this? You can encourage competitive employee behavior by having bonus promotions. Acknowledging those who are excelling. You can do this by having awards on a weekly, or monthly basis. You can boost their pride by giving top employees perks. The possibilities are endless. This is one helluva way to boost productivity and get the employees off their you-know-what.

4. Scare them

This is actually the opposite of the last tip. Instead of encouraging good behavior you can discourage BAD behavior. It's kind of a reward and punishment kind of thing. Punishment works with more people. Instilling fear that they may lose their job helps motivate them to get off their butts. Is it evil? Kinda. But you're doing this for their own good and the company's. They must understand that the success of the company and longevity of their jobs rests heavily upon their productivity.

5. Be motivated yourself

What better way to motivate and influence others than to be THE example of what you want them to be. If you're motivated and show enthusiasm, your employees will follow. You will embody what they are supposed to be. This is definitely an awe-inspiring, "getting their butt to work" technique.

6. Encourage contact

Ineffective entrepreneur managers like to hide away behind closed office doors, keeping contact to a minimum. They got all wrong. If you want to motivate others, keep an open door. This will help the communication open so they know what to expect from you as the leader, and what you can expect from them as employees.

7. Share the success

Many entrepreneurs are very kind to loyal employees. They want them to feel like equals in the business game. How do they do that? They share the success. Startup companies do this since income might not be coming in as fast BUT many startup companies do offer stock options. Employees get a piece of the business. If you want to motivate people, make them be part of something big and as a whole. Share the success with them through profit sharing.

Congratulations, you have 7 ways to get employees more motivated off their butts.

But wait! I got a bonus. Here is one more way to motivate an employee--- by the way, it might be a little manipulative but it absolutely works!

BONUS: Give them more power-- or at least an illusion of

Pushing the power of decision-making downward reduces pressure on upper management. But here's the best part: it motivates people on the lower levels (employees) because it gives them a vote of confidence. You now have more reason to give them responsibility. If they are given more responsibility, they feel important. Someone who has power. It's human nature to want more power and control. Give it to them. By the way, it doesn't have to be an "important" responsibility--- it just has to sound like one.