7 Ways to Find Screaming Deals in Real Estate Investing

Deals are everywhere.

What happened if I told you that finding investment deals are easy?

You just gotta know where to look.

Let's have fun for a second. Take a look at this: sxotrfalnpgce

What do you see? Let me give you a hint. If you TAKE OUT 7 LETTERS, you'll find a 6 LETTER WORD.

Got it yet? Okay... its orange!

Now, what's the point, you ask? Simple. Things are easy to find AFTER you figure what you're looking for. Successful real estate investors know 7 ways that bring them screaming, profitable deals. Check them out:

1. Divorce

Yes, divorce usually means motivated sellers and their misfortune to get rid of the property fast smells like opportunity

2. Imprisonment or Court Costs

People do go to jail or get sued, sometimes both. This means some good investment deals might be up for grabs.

3. Loss of Job - Foreclosures

This is the biggest category. Foreclosures are a big business. Real estate investors are wary of buying just any foreclosure but nonetheless, investing when the picture fits means more money for you.

4. Bankruptcy

Similar to foreclosures but the process is slightly different. Real estate auctions consist of many of these.

5. Death

When someone dies, especially if that someone has assets, things can get complicated. Properties get sold fast since most family members just want the money not necessarily the property. Opportunity anyone?

6. Job Transfer

Motivated sellers range and one big reason is because job re-location.

7. Bad Tenants/ Bad Property Management

The best way to get a good deal is to follow an unsuccessful real estate investor and take over their properties. When bad investors come in the game (usually amateurs), the pros usually come in AFTER the carnage.

Now, how about finding these types of people?

Answer: most of these types of people can be found by searching through the public information on your local courthouse records. Depending upon your location, most of the time information is available online.

Ask the seller what's their motivation to sell. If it's any of the 7, you might have a good deal on your hands.