7 Tricks to Negotiate Better on Craigslist

"You're a genius!"

That's what your friends and family will say to you when they found out how you got such an awesome deal on craigslist.

What if you could negotiate that craigslist item you had your eye on for the price you want?

Well, it's very possible. How?

Tricks. Little known tricks. 7 little known tricks to be exact. You'll get the seller to bow down your requests. And if you're the seller, you can get the buyer to where you want them: on their knees desperate to buy it.

Here are 7 cool tricks to negotiate like a genius on craigslist

Trick #1. "You have to do better than that" & the "flinch"


You: I saw your ad but not sure how much you want the iPod for.

Seller: Well, I'm selling it for $100.

You: Ooooh (flinch)...hmmm

Seller: silence

You: Yeah, you're gonna have to do better than that. I saw one like it for $80.

After doing this, wait for a response. You're bound to get at least a smaller number from the original.

Trick #2. Blame the decision on somebody else

You: Hi, I'm interested in the watch you're selling

Seller: Yes, I'm still selling it

You: But $200 is a little too steep

Seller: Well that's what I'm selling it for.

You: It's actually supposed to be gift, and it's my mom who will buy it. She says $200 is too much. Can we do $150?

From this point, keep pointing out you're not the one in charge of paying for it and can't afford it yourself.

Trick #3. Tell 'em you'll buy NOW!

This works with desperate sellers, so find out if they are desperate sellers, and you can poke them where it hurts: their desperation.

Ask them these simple questions: Why are you selling this? Are you in need of money quick?

If they are desperate, that's good.

Tell them you'll buy their item NOW. However offer a lower amount than posted. State that you're more than willing to take it off their hands NOW, so they'll get their money right away, CASH! You'll drive to them. This gets the seller going, and some will bite.

Trick #4. Highball

This trick is for sellers not buyers. If you're selling you can post your craigslist ad at a higher price than normal. Maybe 30% more. Doing this can lead to calls where buyers are asking for lower prices. BUT that's okay. Why? You're willing to "let it go" for cheaper. Wink wink.

Trick #5. Lowball

This trick is similar to highballing, but it's a trick used by buyers. Lowballing is the oldest trick in the negotiating world but still gets results. How does it work? You offer the seller a price that is waaaayyy to cheap that you know they will refuse. Then work you're way up from there but not without getting "irritated" because they're asking for "too much". Cool eh?

Trick #6. Break it off and silence

Breaking off the conversation after some back and forth negotiating can be a little tricky. It works when you as the buyer OR seller are trying to find an agreement but neither one is giving in. That's when you threaten to walk away (or so they think).

It's best to show you an example:

Person 1: Well... I don't know.

Person 2: That's the best price I can do

Person 1: Forget it, I'm losing interest... (silence)...

At this point, one of two things can happen. Either person 2 gives in and says something OR hangs up the phone.

Trick #7. Change the negotiator

Imagine if you can trick that seller and implant an idea in their head, kinda like the movie Inception.

You can.


Like this: gather up 2 friends.

First call: You call and negotiate a specific price, lets say $50 bucks for an item, the seller refuses BUT let them know that $50 is a fair price before you hang up.

Then, second call have your friend call again, probably after an hour. Get your friend to say that $50ish a fair price. By this time, the seller is starting to think the price should be $50 but the seller still doesn't give in.

Then, finally have you're other friend call asking for a LOWER price, lets say $40. Yes, $40. Take it from there, get the third friend to mention that $50 is a HIGH. The seller should give in by this point.

This negotiation trick works wonders. Try it.