7 Surefire Ways to Save Money on Airfare

Flying is fun. Well, maybe not... but it’s still thrilling to jet to destinations beyond the horizon. There are some irritations such as over the top security and the rising cost of tickets as airlines struggle to keep their heads above the clouds of rising oil prices. Is there still a way to save money on air fare? You bet. Here are 7 surefire ways to save money on airfare:

1. Be flexible. If you are okay with flying with any carrier, any time, and almost anywhere you’ll be guaranteed to save money. Don’t be choosy about which airline you fly. Browse, compare and buy the cheapest ticket. Airlines have specials but check the limitations and dates to fly. Ask about taxes and fees that can balloon up the base cost.

2. Fly on off-peak days. Stay over a weekend if possible. Don’t fly on a Monday or Friday because that is when people are either departing or arriving home. Avoid flying on holidays for apparent reasons.

3. Purchase your ticket in advance. Two to four months in advance to be a little more specific. This helps the airline to plan ahead on how many passengers they will have and how many to feed.

4. Prior to you departing, confirm to see if there has been a reduction in the fare because if so, call and ask if they will provide you a refund or something to make up for the difference. Maybe even get a travel voucher for a future flight.

5. Take off before sunrise or after sunset and the money saved will get brighter. If you would preferably depart at 10AM you will miss a chance to save, but if you get up a little earlier and catch the redeye that takes off at 3AM you can save more money. In any case, you will arrive at your destination earlier, which is always a plus.

6. Connecting flights with layovers are typically cheaper than direct flights. Direct flights are more favorable because it gets you home a little sooner however if you are not in a rush make a quick tour of the city where you have the layover.

7. Accumulate air miles especially if you’re a frequent flyer. Many credit card companies offer this, so look into it.

Flying is an adventure - enjoy it whilst you save money!