7 Overlooked Tips to Save Money on Travel Expenses

The traveling industry is complicated and loaded with insider secrets. The challenges it faces of today are harsh. With the spiral increases in fuel prices and the continual need for security because of the threat of terrorism the traveling industry has been forced to make budget cuts and alterations. Any price hikes are passed on to the consumer, which means you.

The consumer must learn a great deal when it comes to traveling. The money saved will go to the knowledgeable.

1. Discount deals are found on the internet but they are not always the best. Browse and compare. Some websites gather a volume discount fee which is an added cost to the price of your ticket. Not necessarily saving you money.

2. Consider driving to your destination. Flying can still be cheaper (and obviously faster) than driving even with high gas prices. This is especially true of longer flights when you consider the cost of gas to drive, food and perhaps hotels. The best thing to do is add it all up and figure out which is the best choice to save money.

3. Use alternative airports and save. Numerous large cities have got two or sometimes three airports. Some are cheaper to fly into and out of than others. In smaller towns it might pay off to drive a few miles to a nearby city and use their airport. This can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. The smaller airports are generally user friendly and offer up cheaper or even free parking.

4. Two round-trip tickets are possibly cheaper than one. You just use the "leg" of the ticket you need, one going and one coming. This is also known as back to back ticketing and should be noted that it is frowned on by the airlines industry but is legal in most cases. Check with your lawyer before applying this method. If it's okay, its saves money!

5. Buyer bewares. A hotel sets the room you get based on what you paid. If you received a deep discount you can be placed in a less wanted location like near the ice machine or elevator. They would never admit this but to avoid the situation address directly with the hotel’s website, or ask the person at the counter for a specific location such as downstairs near the exits because you have a knee problem. Just think of a good excuse to place you to a specific place.

6. Car rental insurance is typically unnecessary. Check ahead with your present auto insurance company has you covered. If you charge the rental to a credit card most companies cover you automatically. Employees get a commission on insurance sold so beware of this.

7. Attention fellow procrastinators! Good news... last minute deals on airlines and hotels can save you lots of money but you must comprise. Empty seats and empty rooms bring no revenue so it’s a win-win situation for all.