7 Negotiating Tactics That'll Make Donald Trump Give in

Donald Trump is a well known top negotiator.

How else can he avoid bankruptcy despite being in the red by billions and his creditors screaming at him.

The truth is Donald Trump used negotiation tactics as his leverage. The question is, how can you use negotiation tactics to leverage against people like Donald Trump.

There's 7.

7 negotiating tactics that'll make even Donald Trump give in.

#1 Negotiating Tactic: Threats

No, not the threats that will land you in jail but the threat of losing BIG money. No one likes to lose, especially someone like Donald Trump.

When you can communicate to the other person that if they don't do the deal with you, THEY will lose something, through indirect threats, they will be the one jumping through hoops for you.

#2 Negotiating Tactic: Appeal to their BIG A$$ Ego

Excuse my french, but I wanted to look like a big shot. Get it? When dealing with people with big egos, and you'll find a lot of them in the business world, you'll see this as an opportunity. Sometimes, money is not even a motivation. They really desire the limelight. To be the best. To be the "top dog"-- so to speak. Be the person that'll help them get there.

#3 Negotiating Tactic: Opinions of Friends, Colleagues

People always want to impress and win approval from their friends.

Some things never change since high school.

The key to using this tactic is to let the other person know that if they don't do this deal, their friends and colleagues will find out. And if they find out you turned down this fantastic deal, their friends will question his "bad decisions."

#4 Negotiating Tactic: Act like the King

Wanna know how to get the other person to bow down to your requests?

Easy. Act like you're the one to impress.

Act as if you're wasting your time talking to them and they better have something good to offer you.

#5 Negotiating Tactic: 007

This is a slick negotiating tactic. When you can convince someone from their camp/team about the deal, you can have THEM convince the decision maker.

You basically get a 007 double agent working for you. Think James Bond.

#6 Negotiating Tactic: False deadlines

Wanna a fast way to make the other person give in?

Give them a false deadline.

For example, if they don't close the deal within "X period of time" you will be working with someone else.

#7 Negotiating Tactic: See you in court

The best way to get the other people to move quickly is to threaten a lawsuit.

What if you're stuck in a situation where it could cost you a lot of money?

This is where this tactic works.

Threaten to sue will get the other party moving-- quick.