7 Must Know Tips to Negotiation Via Email

Who said negotiation is hard through email?

Well, you know what... chicken butt. Ok, that was lame. My 6 year old daughter told me that joke earlier, thought it'll make you chuckle.

Anyways, negotiation via email is actually EASIER than in person.


2 reasons. One, you get much more time analyze what the other party is communicating, and two, YOU have more time to maneuver on what to do next.

What if you could eliminate your mistakes in the negotiation process?

Business would be better, right?

You see, negotiation can be creative especially in written form, and for those who get nervous on the phone or in person, email is SAFE. They can't see you're nervousness or lack of confidence. You can "fake it" through your emails, conveying confidence and power.

Now, how do you go about getting the best of your negotiations through email? Easy. Follow me--- through these 10 tips:

Tip #1 Give out a "bluff," or call theirs!

It's hard to tell if the other person you're typing in the email to is honest. The best way to see if they are telling the truth on factual information is to call them on it. How? Use a variation of this sample:

Hi (name). Recently I had the experience of someone who was not upfront about certain facts and gave misleading inaccurate information. The result of that business relationship was time wasted and money wasted. You don't want to lose money or time, do you? Is there anything I should know as we move forward?

Tip #2 Check the facts

This tip ties in with the first one and it involves proving the other party's information was inaccurate. Be sure to cite your sources in the email. This negotiation tip can possibly lead to some disagreements but if you can prove that they were wrong, you can find the other party giving in.

Tip #3 Give out "empty promises"

I'm not telling you to outright promise the world but promise them the POSSIBILITY of it. It is easier to do this through email and you can use a variation of this sample:

I believe we CAN get you (whatever asked) but we can't be too sure. With our previous client we were able to do it but it is out of our control since ____ is responsible for that outcome. However I assure you I will do my best to provide you (whatever asked)

Tip #4 Get an expert

Sometimes, people's writing sucks--- me included. Don't worry my feelings won't be hurt if you don't like my writing, I'll just hate you, and cast spells on you :)

My point is to have another person review your email. Having an expert negotiator can give you an extra angle on how to approach it better.

Tip #5 Give out "leaked" information by "accident"

This little negotiation tactic can do wonders especially through email. You see, in emails, a lot of documents are emailed back and forth. You could "accidently" slip and show some files they shouldn't be seeing. It could mislead them and think something else of you. This works like a charm. But--- be careful not to do it so obvious.

Tip # 6 Nibble Nibble

Do you like cookies?

If you do, you're the perfect person to try out this negotiation tip. How does "nibbling" work? It works by asking for really tiny requests after a formal agreement. You're nibbling more out of them, just like when you nibble on seconds when eating some chocolate chip cookies. Man, I'm hungry now. I'll be right back.


Okay, I'm back. Sorry about that, it will never happen again.

Now, are you ready for the last negotiation tip that you can use via email--- that can win you more deals than Michael Phelps won gold?

Here it is:

Tip #7 The politician

Politicians use this all the time and you can use this in emails. It works like this:

Whenever the other party discusses a topic hard to answer, simply brush it off---or indirectly tell them they are not right in asking that request.


Here's an example:

Email: Hi Mr. Blah Blah Blah, I am considering you're proposal about hiring you for our marketing services. I really like you're internet marketing ideas, I just think the cost is a little pricey. Also, I want to know more about the time frame, and what strategies you will use.

Response: Hi Mr. Blah Blah Blah. Thanks we appreciate your observation of our expertise marketing. Oh, and by the way, just saw you're numbers, I see that you guys are really profitable, we might be able to learn something from you too! Anyways, we literally have hundreds of clients always wanting our service. And yes we do get busy but we make sure we have enough staff to support your business in a timely fashion as that is our mission. The proven strategies varies among different business but please do take a look at the attached file for more info.

Do you see how smart the response was?

This is the politician in effect.

The response IGNORED the comment about being pricey and instead, indirectly told them they should have the money to pay for it--- and stop being "cheapoos." Second, the time frame was vaguely touched.