7 Hush Hush Secrets of How Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Time

Why is it that the Donald Trump's of this world are able to accomplish more?

Their success in one year beats out what most people can accomplish in a life time. The answer: they manage time better.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that time is important, even more so than money. Because the old saying is that time is money rings so true to them. Now... how do you manage time to be more successful? Follow and apply these 7 hush hush secrets of successful time management:

Secret #1 Monitor how you spend time.

If it seems like your day goes by all too quickly, create a log of your day-to-day activities. When you examine where you're spending your time, you'll be able to distinguish and focus on the activities that provide the greatest returns for you personally and financially. Successful entrepreneurs realize that they might be spending too little or too much time on one task. And by monitoring how they use their time, they can make adjustments later for a better outcome.

Secret #2 Calculate the value of your time

Remember how I mentioned: time is money. Well, knowing how much your time is really worth can help you make more effective decisions as to whether you should perform a task or outsource it. For example, if your time is worth $300 an hour, you are far better off paying someone $10 an hour to type up paperwork.

Secret #3 Make a daily schedule

Always start your day with a to do list. Make a list of tasks and categorize them into the highest priority vs. highest performance.

Secret #4 Learn to say no.

Are you adding one more commitment to your never-ending schedule? You control your time. Be a little selfish. Just say no. When you're well rested and able to treat yourself and your family during your time off, you'll feel happier and more productive when it's time to go back to work.

Secret #5 Remove distractions

Think for second on which activities are eating up your time. For me personally, things like long drawn out social calls, telemarketers, and television are huge distraction and time wasters. The best way not to get distracted by TV is not to have one. Some successful entrepreneurs are so driven to succeed they make sure they don't get distracted by anything. When a family member calls during work time, you can politely tell them you can call them back after work. And of course, caller ID saves time from picking up the phone from time thieves known as telemarketers.

Secret #6 Have the best environment.

We are all "built" differently. Are you a morning person or do you work better burning the midnight oil? Creating an atmosphere with the ultimate work haven that is clean, distraction- free, and energizing can help do wonders for better productivity. How does this help with time? It's simple. The more comfortable your environment is, the better you'll be able to focus the task on hand and accomplish things in lightning speeds WITHOUT feeling hurried. It'll feel natural. You'll be in the zone. Get yourself in the zone by making your environment the best one.

Secret #7 Be organized

Shouldn't this be a given. Yes, but you'd be surprised how unorganized entrepreneurs are. When things are neat and in its place, it saves you time when you come looking for you what you need. Digging through a pile of papers and finding melted chocolate isn't very conducive to an effective work experience. Follow your own organizational style. Here are some examples:

PHONE LISTS: For example, I arrange my contact information into groups. Groups might be like friends, family, business associates. You can have subgroups such as business associates can have real estate professionals, sales, management, etc. You catch my drift, right?

EMAILS: Tweak your email service so it automatically categorizes emails by sender. A time saver indeed!

Be organized in everything.

Now you know the 7 hush hush secrets... well not so hush hush but its "uncommon common sense" if you will. Go out there and be better time managing entrepreneur.