7 Easy-To-Do Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store

1. Clipping Coupons

Check online or in the junk mail you get, they usually contain pages of coupons.

2. Don’t shop on an empty stomach

When you're a hungry shopper, you tend to buy more than you planned. You suddenly find yourself craving for everything. You might want to have a small bite before you shop to curb any appetite.

3. Compare the unit price and buy a larger size if it’s less per ounce or per pound

Not too many people are aware of this but things are actually cheaper when bought in bulk. Things like toilet paper or bottled water are things that you always buy; you might as well buy in bulk and save the trips to and from the store but most importantly your money.

4. Do your own slicing and dicing

Cheese and meat are usually cut out for you but some do not, and if you look they are better priced. Save some money and opt in for the ones where you need some cutting. Chickens and turkeys are some meats to buy in whole.

5. Be Aware of Fancy packages

People are naturally attracted to fancy packaging but if you look closer they actually contain less food and you end up paying more for something that comes in a generic package. Keep an eye out for those fancy containers to save some money in your pocket.

6. Look for the mark down areas

You might discover fresh meat or vegetables that are nearing their expiration date but if you’re cooking them shortly that’s not a problem

7. Check the receipt for errors

Stores don’t do this on purpose but it happens often. It could be entered incorrectly on the computer scanner or the checker might be inattentive and enter the wrong number. Check for mistakes as soon as you can and don’t be shy about getting it fixed.