7 Deadly Sales Mistakes Everyone Must Avoid

STOP what you're doing right now.

If you're reading your email, stop. Checking your phone messages, stop.

If you are serious about selling more, you have to avoid 3 deadly sales mistakes that is costing money in your pocket.

Have you ever experienced seeing a brochure or flyer placed under your car's windshield wipers? Or a salesman sneaking inside a restaurant and delivering a sales pitch while you're having a pleasant meal? You hate it, don't you? Well, if you want to maintain your business's reputation and increase sales, you have to avoid this at all costs.

#1 Mistake: Too Focused on the Bottom Line

A business has to be customer-oriented in the process of product promotion. It has to focus on the customer's needs. People care about themselves. How is your product or service benefiting them? The truth is no one cares about you (as the salesman). The customer wants to know what's in it for them. What's the benefits? How is it improving one's life? Sell that. If all you do is mention price and features, you'll lose sales-- fast.

#2 Mistake: Looking and Being Cheap

Image is (almost) everything. What image or reputation are you projecting with your marketing and sales? You attract who you are. Your business says a lot about you. Are you looking cheap with your ugly website? Are you looking cheap with your cheap packaging? Look at the details of your business and consider upping your value by presenting everything in a more quality light.

#3 Mistake: Not Following Up

After making a sale, don't just stop there. Bear in mind that your current customers are much easier to sell to than new ones. So keep your customers happy by making sure that you are selling something of great value. Get feedback (they'll know you care when you do). Offer discounts. Offer more products/services. Make significant efforts to encourage the improvement of your business.

#4 Mistake: Not providing "free value" at first

I'm sure you seen it. Maybe during a networking event. Or a business meetup. A guy pathetically hands you his business card without letting you or anybody else know how they can help. Don't be like them. Instead, talk to prospects and about their challenges. Offer free, yes I said free, expertise (something they can use immediately) on how they can solve their problem. Provide a sample and if they like it they'll go to you. No need to hard sell them.

#5 Mistake: Not getting to know your customer personally

You got a prospect. You got a sale. Now, you got the customer. Do you even know them? Do you know what challenges their facing? Do you know them by name? Do you speak to them? Do you talk to your "higher priced" customers or clients? Do it. If not, you'll lose them eventually to someone who cares and someone who is their friend.

#6 Mistake: Making it hard for customers to buy from you

Don't make it hard for people to buy from you. Put up a shopping cart on your website. Sometimes people don't like picking up the phone to make an order. We like credit cards and paypal. Make sure your business accepts them. And remember this: for higher priced services or products, offer some payment plan. It helps drive sales for those who are resistant for large upfront payments.

#7 Mistake: Not "surprising" your customers with value

Everybody loves surprises, don't you? Offer your current (most especially) with some free stuff. Maybe a add on to your product or service. You'll get more backend sales because of it. Why? It creates loyalty.