5 Negotiation Techniques That'll Make You Win the Deal


Aaahhh my favorite thing.

Is it yours?

If not, stop reading. If it is, get ready to win some more.

What if you could win 70% of every deal you negotiate?

No scratch that, how about 90%? How about 99%? Let's be optimistic and go for 100%. How's that?

Let me share with you 5 must know negotiation techniques that will make you what you already are: a winner.

A winner in all your business deals.

You see, these 5 techniques have been proven to work in almost every negotiation situation. And guess what, they're actually pretty simple and easy to apply. Here they are:

1) Double Binding

Ask the other side if they'll "either do A or B?" When you do this, it gives them the illusion of choice BUT you're actually the one controlling the choices of A & B, and either one suits you.

Example: "We could either go with Tuesday or Thursday, which one would you like?"

See how that works? Yes or yes?

2) Complex Results

Agree to the other side's demands WITH a string attached. As in if A then B.


Person A: "Will you agree to 3 weeks?"

Person B: "Great, that could work BUT cut the price in half, and we could go forward in that longer time frame."

Person B is willing to accept person A's proposal under a condition of a price cut due to a "longer" time frame.

3) Seem Dumb

This is pretty straightforward. When you appear as if you're not as bright or wealthy as your counter it can work for you. You'll be able to see the tricks they're trying to pull on you. Acting as if you're dumb will expose any lies or deceptions on their part.

4) False Time Constraints

Do you ever notice old people when they're shopping? They act like they have all the time in the world.

Do you ever see the movie Speed, where actor Keanu Reeves and actress Sandra Bulloch have to neutralize a bomb in a speeding bus?

If you act as if time is you're running out of time and a bomb is about to explode or act as if you got all the time in the world you can set the tone of a negotiation deal.

The other side will soon bow down to your time constraints, be it a short time frame, or a v-e-r-y... l-o-n-g- o-n-e once you project this attitude throughout the deal.

5) Belonging- "how come you're not like the others?"

When you notice the other side as being uncooperative, let them know their way or method of doing business is unlike others.

If you can create doubt in their way of providing their product or service, it subtly gives you power and control over the negotiation process. It will change the perception of them pleasing YOU. How cool would that be?