5 Must Have Traits For a Successful Negotiator

1. Patience

There are times when the opponent, and I say opponent because the person on the other side might not be in your best interest so its best to assume the worst, will attempt to test your patience. This may include: changing the terms, doesn't call back on time, for some reason you cannot get a hold of them, asks for more time, etc. Your goal is to not be phased by it. If your instinct says they're just playing a game of wait and see, reverse the role and do it on them. Never ever get too emotional, remain patient and doing so you will be able to see through the smoke and mirrors.

2. Takes Risks

A successful negotiator will take risks. Wise risks that is. As a negotiator, asks for more than agreed. Go ahead. Try to get more out of the deal. Challenge the opponent, let see how far they're willing to go down in price.

3. Good Listener, not only through your ears but eyes

You can listen with both your ears and eyes did you know that? A successful negotiator watches the other person's body language. Is he or she nervous? Something about them says their lying or being deceptive? Listen to how they say the words. Get a sense of what they really want.

4. Aim's High

Successful negotiators aim high, that's why they are successful. There is saying by W. Clement Stone, that if you aim for the moon, you may hit a star.

5. Willingness to Walk Away

Always walk away if the deal doesn't work to your benefit. You have nothing to lose when you walk away. This shows your confidence that you have options. If you don't have a willingness to walk away, you will receive less than satisfactory result. We don't want that, do we?