5 Kick Ass Ways to Beat Your Competition

1. Offer Guarantees.

Customers feel more at ease when you can offer money back guarantees for their product or service. No one likes to be ripped off and by offering guarantees, it just makes it easier for you to be a trusted business compared to the rest who sell things 'as is'... yuck!

2. Convenience

E-book sales are growing and sooner or later will become the main way to consume information. Do you know why? You can literally have thousands of books in one little device. No need to carry physical books around. You get the convenience of having all your favorite books into one device. Now, how can you apply this to your product or service? Simple. Make it easier for your customers to consume the product or service your selling. Technology has made things easier so be ahead of the pack and make it convenient for your customer to buy, have, and use your product/service.

3. Give Away Bonuses

People love free stuff. Dr. Robert Cialdini, an expert on persuasion and influence, proves that people are more willing to buy from people who give them "free stuff." It is based on the law of reciprocity. If for example you have a store selling nutritional supplements, well by offering free samples to your customers, they are more willing to come to you for their future needs. And of course if it works great, be sure they'll be back along with all their friends.

4. Loving Customer Service

I say loving because I recently had the experience of horrible customer service. I was at the mall and passing by a Cinnabon store made me crave for some Cinnabons. As I looked at what they had, I noticed the Cinnabons in the box looked cold, so I asked if I can have hot ones. They got irritated at me and responded (with an attitude) "it's the same thing." I replied that I wanted the hot ones. Next thing you know, the other employee pops out of nowhere and explained that it will cost more and will take an additional 20 minutes to make. I was getting pretty agitated and just walked away. Sooner or later, I'm sure they'll get their karma and see their business down the tank the way they treat their customers. If you want to beat your competition and stand out from the rest, treat your customers with love. Love your customers, not only will your business grow but it feels good that you were the one they came to for help.

5. Better Delivery

There is a reason why only a few people become successful on eBay. Well, actually more than one reason but the most important reason is delivery. Fulfilling and processing orders can be a headache if you don't know what you're doing. The most successful sellers on eBay and other areas of businesses have awesome delivery service. They get their product into their customers hand quick. Think McDonalds. When you order food to McDonalds, the food is hot and ready. How would you like it if you can deliver your product or service to your customer "hot and ready?" Your profits will explode. So will your competition. Give the best delivery. Make it fast.