4 Romantic Date Ideas That End Up Saving You Piles of Money

We each prefer to plan the dream date and care for our special boyfriend or girlfriend to all varieties of exotic foods and breathless entertainment. Unfortunately, unless you are extremely loaded you must resort to being creative and think outside the box. Here are some dates to try to save money:

Date 1: Go hiking or biking. It is a great way to connect, exercise and have fun. Jogging up through hills especially if it's nearing nighttime with a beautiful scene can be quite romantic. It can also be free but not perceived as cheap, so put your wallet and save money. Same thing goes with a bike ride. Don’t go racing but just leisurely peddle through the park. At the end of the walk or ride enjoy some refreshing drinks.

Date 2: BBQ at the park. This may cost a little but it is still cheaper than a nice restaurant, saving you money. Show off your cooking skills or even better bond together by making the food together. A good park is important so take the person to a beautiful, clean park.

Date 3: Attend a friend’s house party. Be social and go to a party your friend's invited you; it is a great way to meet each other's friends and maybe make other love connections. Also, everything will be provided such as food and drinks but don’t go empty handed.

Date 4: Research the bar or club scene. Take them to bars that offer happy hour drinks and free snacks. Saves money and if there is good music, have fun dancing... if you're up to it.

Fun dating doesn’t have to be costly. You should not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy each other's companionship.