4 Dirty Habits That Prevent You From Saving Money

Do you have bad habits that are holding you back from saving money?

If you do, think about how much it's costing you.

Habits and vices are a common reason of financial shortfalls. They eat away at your income you worked hard for, costing you not only what you spend on the habit itself, but on the products you try to get rid of the habit. What are some of the bad habits you need to kick out so you can make room for money to be saved?

1. Smoking : The average pack of cigarettes costs five dollars and if you're a heavy smoker smoking a pack a day that is equivalent to $1800 a year. Even trying to quit you might have to spend more money buying medications to prevent cravings. Imagine how much money you could save if you did stopped smoking.

2. Drinking alcohol : It is perhaps the most common bad habit right next to smoking. Americans spend annually 90 billion dollars on alcohol- yes, that's with a B. Bars and clubs have profited way too much on the alcohol abuse that plagued this nation. Not only does it cost money on buying alcohol itself but the fees associated getting caught driving under the influence. DUI classes, court fees, lawyer fees, car insurance goes up, car impounded, rehabilitational costs, etc. The alcohol business is way too big so it’s not going away since it makes too much money for many people. It's best to stop drinking alcohol and save your health, headaches, and money.

3. Caffeine : This includes sodas and coffee as the top culprit. Yes, Starbucks makes big money helping you get addicted to their products as caffeine is known to be addictive. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks became a billionaire selling coffee. I am sure you as a caffeine drinker had a little hand contributing to his fortune. Save money and put that in your pocket, instead of big companies that sell you it.

4. Sugar : This is big business too as this industry makes billions off sugar addicted individuals. It is not to say that all candy and sugars are bad but over eating can really take toll on your health and money. On Valentine's Day alone, there is over 1 billion dollars spent on sugar related products specifically chocolate. Kick this bad habit of eating too many sweets.