3 Must Do Steps To Generate Leads With an Autoresponder

As an internet marketer, leads are gold. They are your future customers. It's just a matter of cultivating it so you can convert that lead to a sale.

But how do you even generate a lead in the first place?

That's where autoresponders come in.

Step 1: Take the time to create some really valuable reports, eBooks, videos or perhaps software (that is in your niche market) and offer it as a free bonus when people sign up to your list.

Why is this important?

You're giving you future customer an incentive. They want something valuable-- and most of all: something that won't cost them a dime.

They want to see if you got the goods. So give it to them.

Having something really valuable, whether it is a report, ebook, video, or software that will help them NOW!

And guess what?

Once you prove to them you are of value, they will come back to you.

Which leads into the next step.

Step 2: Prepare a short series of autoresponder messages

By now, you got their names and emails. They're interested.

Now it's time to follow up.

After "X" amount of days, you provide them with more information. Keep educating them.

Autoresponders are just that automatic.

So through this series of messages let them know what else they can do to overcome their challenges.

For example, if you're in the golf playing niche you can create a series of autoresponder messages of what you need to learn.

Day 1: picking the right golf clubs

Day 2: how to hold a golf club.

You get the picture, right?

Be sure to space your emails appropriately.

After all this educating and teaching you're giving to your future customer... you move on to...

Step 3: Ask for the sale.

Creating a sales page with an irresistible offer will get them buying-- I mean immediately.

You got the goods.

You showed you're the expert.

You built trust because you sincerely did help them with the value you've given for free.

And now, you want to offer them something they can't find elsewhere.

Your best product.

Your best service.

Go ahead and try the sequential autoresponder marketing tactic.

Offer something valuable free.

Get leads (their email and contact info).

Educate (follow up messages).

Sale (create a sizzling offer of more stuff they can't get anywhere else).