3 More Ways to Save Buckets of Money on Dates

Here are 3 MORE ways to save money on dates:

Date 1: Go to the beach. Strolling along the beach is always romantic. Hold hands, go barefoot and get your feet wet as you watch the waves. If you want to make it fun, bring your pets (if you have any). It is a great way to save money as no money is involved other than transportation costs.

Date 2: Rent a romantic movie and pop popcorn at home. There are so many romantic movies or also known as chick flicks. If it's one of the first dates still try watching comedy, helps lighten the mood. Or better yet, a scary movie can sometimes be romantic and lead to cuddling, and so on. Renting a movie and making your own popcorn is cheaper than the cost of actually going to the movies, saving you money.

Date 3: Cook lunch/dinner together. You can keep it simple such as making a pizza or grilling a steak. Or, what's recommended so you can bond more, you could pick a more complicated recipe. The trip to the grocery and cooking your own food saves money compared to a fancy restaurant. Whether or not the food turns out well you will have an extraordinary time sharing stories as you cook.