3 Lazy Ways to Add More Customers and More Sales

Actually, it's not the laziest ways to get more customers but by far one of the most time saving ways. And money too.

You heard of the expression in business that leverage is everything.

Other people's money.

Other people's time.

I'm sure you heard these.

But it's missing something.

Other people's customers.

Yes, one of the laziest ways to get more customers is using other people's customers. It's also known as joint ventures.

Now, there are many different types of partnering in joint ventures but I want to tell you the 3 most important and easier to implement.

What are they?

#1 Joint Venture: Endorsed Offers

Network with a business or other organization that can sell your product for you by sponsoring them. It can work both ways. You can also have an even relationship where both of you promote each other's products and split the sales 50-50. Plus you get the added benefit of new customers on your database.

#2 Joint Venture: Referral Circle

This is similar to endorsed offers but may be a little more casual. For example, you can agree as a team to refer each other who might be interested in using your service. No split on sales just the added value they give to their customers by referring you. And vice versa. A referral circle doesn't have to include people selling similar products or services. A car dealership can refer their current customers to a car stereo shop and the car stereo shop will do the same with its customers when looking for a new car. The point is, this joint venture is casual and no tracking of sales is used.

#3 Joint Venture: Add Ons

This is something you can implement very fast. For example, if you sell digital products, you can add to your product a software another company is willing to offer for free. Just as long as they capture the person's contact information. This will lead to future sales. This can be reversed where the company with the software can have the digital products as an add on.

So, how do you go about finding business relationships like this?

Network. Simple and easy. Online and offline.

Join business meetings, associations, forums, and conventions. These are where most business owners get together and make things happen. Examples may include: activities like Chamber of Commerce, industry events, networking organizations, and trade shows to expand your network.

You can even cold call or email local businesses that might be fit. Send them a sales proposal. Take them out to coffee. Sell them that this business relationship will increase their sales as well.