3 Easy Steps on How to Save Money on Gifts

There is no doubt we drop buckets of money during the holidays. In fact, one-fourth of all personal spending in the United States is done during the holiday season. As families get bigger so does the gift list and our budget balloons up if you are not careful. But, if you are careful and learn you can still save money and cut back on your gift giving without looking like a scrooge.

Step 1: Shop the Internet. Here, you are able to compare prices not only online but how they compare with your local stores. Normally, when you shop online you do not pay sales tax and many times shipping is free. You're shopping can be done with a couple of clicks, how convenient, right?

Step 2: No money? No problem. Try re-gifting. Re-gifting is becoming a popular choice for those trying to save money on gift shopping. Yes, lots of folks do it and you can too. Don't leave that gift you got years ago in the closet gathering dust. Dust it off, wrap it, and let someone else enjoy it.

Step 3: Pick a name out of a hat or also known as secret santa. This commonly happens at the workplace as buying gifts for everyone would cost a lot of money and time. For those who aren't familiar with this, how it works is everyone's names are written on a piece of a paper and placed in a hat. After doing so, every person picks one name out of a hat, and whoever they pick; they must buy a gift specifically for that person.