27 Item Checklist for Negotiation Success

Why 27?

I wanted to give you as much value to help you succeed in negotiations. Here is the 27 item checklist to see if you're ready for success:

- Papers in order

- Presentation in order

- Professional Attire

- Have a team of experts, including lawyer(s)

- Mentally healthy

- Physically healthy

- Visualization of outcome

- Reviewed known negotiation tactics

- Paper and pen ready to take notes

- Take mental notes as well

- Research EVERYTHING about the other side

- Prioritized what's more important

- Know the location and time

- Indicate your readiness to work together

- Follow up on minor issues

- Be open minded with lots of questions

- Listen more than you speak

- Treat everyone with respect

- Get to know the PERSON first before what they want- helps understand where they are coming from

- Never agree to finalize the deal in one day, take your time

- Control your emotions

- If you're getting nervous, take a break

- Confirm, confirm, confirm

- Get all contacts information and their key roles

- Ask for what they want- use it to your advantage

- Know the time frame

- Who, what, where, when, why, and how----> on every topic