21 Warning Signs You Are Addicted to Debt

Many people have more debt than they can handle and don't even know it. But how do you know when you have too much debt? Too much debt that you become accustomed to it. Maybe as far as addicted to it.

Are you addicted to debt? Find out if any of these sounds like you:

1. All maxed out on your cards

2. Only paying minimum payments

3. Never using cash

4. Borrowing money to pay for everything

5. Opening new credit cards frequently

6. Debt seems to always increase

7. Refinancing or consolidating all the time

8. Calling your creditors for increases of limits

9. Have the mentality of "buy now- pay later"

10. Borrowing money from friends and family

11. Using another credit card to pay off another

12. Paycheck to paycheck lifestyle

13. Always gotta keep up with the Joneses

14. Entitlement mentality- thinking you deserve everything without paying for it right away

15. No savings

16. Bouncing checks- over withdrawing

17. Not honest about your financial well being, and compensate by purchasing items to look rich

18. Only think of terms of monthly payments not overall costs

19. Don't think about your financial future

20. Working extra hours just to pay your debt

21. You realize you might have to file bankruptcy unless you find a way to pay it

In this day of high debt, many people are looking for answers to help lower their bills. The first thing to do is get educated. Get educated in getting out of debt. That means taking the time to learn the basics and fundamentals of your financial status. Discovering where you are now can help figure out on how to get where you want to go.