10 Questions to Answer to Find Your Target Market

Remember when you were a kid and you use to play with a magnifying glass trying to burn the ants. And as you try to do this, you noticed that the only way to successfully do it, you had to focus really close and target on one or two ants BECAUSE if you try shining the magnifying glass on all the ants, it won't work.

Well, imagine if you can, that like a magnifying glass, you can target interested customers only. We all know that attempting to sell Bill Gates a Hyundai car will be unsuccessful.

The truth is, the better you know who your customers are, the easier it will be to sell your product or service to them. So come with me, pick up a magnifying glass, and answer these 10 questions.

1. Who can most benefit from the product or service you are selling?

2. Who can afford these products/services? What’s the income bracket of the group? Who are willing to buy them?

3. What kind of lifestyles might these people have?

4. Who are the people that are most likely to buy? Male or female? Married or single? Kids? Age?

5. How might these people spend their time?

6. What kind of TV shows, books, magazines are they viewing?

7. Where do these people live? In the US? Where exactly?

8. Who do these people trust to get advice about their current challenges?

9. Who is already using a product or service similar to yours?

10. Who is selling something that goes with your product or service (ex., car dealerships and an auto shop), and where do they find their customers?

When you answer these 10 questions you are targeting your ideal customer more clearly, like a magnifying glass. I know... you want everybody to buy your product/service, but selling doesn't work that way. You want your product/service to be a match with someone who can truly benefit from it.

Now, go out and find your dream customers and sell them!